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U-C WEBS is a Web Development and Optimization firm from Fergus, Ontario. We are known for our effective yet affordable web designs, usability evaluations and search engine marketing.

Why usability?

You know from your own experience as a Web user that paying attention to usability means less frustration and more satisfaction for your visitors, and a better chance that you'll see them again!

As a Website Optimizer we compare websites to magnets, asking our prospects...

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U-C WEBS makes websites Easy to Find + Easy to Use. Ask us about our Web Design, Usability Evaluations and Search Engine Optimization solutions - for more visitors, and higher conversions.
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Main services

  • Web Design;
  • Usability evaluations;
  • Search engine optimization & marketing;
  • Internet tracking tool: visitor analysis;
  • Internet consulting.
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Contact us

525 St. Andrew St. E.
Fergus, ON N1M 1R7
T: +1 519-787-7612
E: info@u-cwebs.com
W: www.u-cwebs.com (link will open in new window)
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