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A FREE sports program

The 2009-10 breakaway season will be the nineth year the program is offered.

  • We started Wednesday October 7, 2009
  • A FREE sports program for 10-15 year olds
  • Ends with 5-10 minutes positive high impact talk about real life issues
  • FREE refreshments for kids following the program

Our Vision

The vision of Breakaway is to reach youth ages 10 to 15 in our community through a proactive outreach sports program, specifically designed to focus on developing integrity and moral character in these youth. This purpose is achieved through a weekly sports program ending with a high impact talk about issues relevant to the lives of the participants.

We end with a 5-10 minutes positive, high impact talk about real life issues


There are two local gyms that are currently being used, one located in Fergus (St. Joseph Catholic School) and one in Elora (Elora Public School).


Several different sports are played during Breakaway: indoor soccer, floor hockey, borden ball and basketball. All of these sports are refereed according to the rules of the game. In addition, the referee enforces Breakaway’s code of sportsmanship and respect for others. Breakaway has a policy of non-contact in every sport. For each sport played, Breakaway offers the same level of protection from injury that the public schools would require.

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All guardians of the participants in Breakaway are required to sign a waiver of release before participating in any Breakaway activity. This waiver also includes any medical information of which we must be aware. Volunteers for Breakaway bring these waivers with them for all activities on a weekly basis.

Parents are also an integral part of Breakaway. Each week, they are welcome to be spectators in both gyms. They are encouraged to be present for every part of our program.

Members of Breakaway have had classes in the rendering of first aid to deal with sports injuries.


For registration, we had a table at the Leisure Shows in Fergus and Elora. Breakaway started Wednesday Oct 7, 2009 and will run until March 10, 2010; every Wednesday except the school Christmas Holidays (Dec 23 and 30) from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm at both schools.


There will be skating nights in January and special events in the Spring.  Please watch for more details to come home at a later date.


Kids are encouraged to put their name in a draw to win a chance to zip-line and repel in the Elora Gorge in May with One Axe Pursuits.

Prizes are given out on a weekly basis in conjunction with our incentive program.

Prizes are also given out on a weekly basis, in conjunction with our incentive program. We are looking for donations to be made by local businesses in order to continue this excellent part of the program.


Contact us

Break Away

Julie Katerberg 519-846-9013

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