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How do you get on the first page of Google? The answer is: Search Engine Optimization! U-C WEBS can help you to promote your website in three languages: English, Dutch and German.

Some examples of great rankings for our promotion clients:

  • RiversideAutoSales.ca: #1 in Google.com for "cheap minivans", #5 for "guelph auto"
  • Dishercourier.com: #2 in Google.ca for "toronto rush courier", #10 for "toronto courier"
  • Mas.shabanou.com: top 5 in Google.nl for phrases like "schilderen frankrijk" and "schildercursus"
  • Ruhestoffe.de: #1 in Google.de for phrases like "feuerhemmender stoff" and "schwer entflammbare stoffe"

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Other Examples

More of our work related to:

U-C WEBS can help

U-C WEBS makes websites Easy to Find + Easy to Use™. We offer affordable, effective website design. If you want we can also write the content for you.

Whether you are looking for real estate web design, a used car dealer website, e-commerce webshop or brochure marketing site: U-C WEBS can help you making it the best it can be:

  • Usable
  • Accessible
  • Easy to find in the search engines

You can also contact Fergus' Website Development and Optimization firm U-C WEBS for a usability evaluation, search engine optimization (SEO) services, and other Internet promotion methods such as Google Adwords and other Pay-Per-Click programs.

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Especially for our local prospects and clients we have created the website FergusWebsites.com. Take a look at what we have to offer you, or contact us today!

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