Historic Fergus
(formerly "Little Falls")

Downtown Fergus: Little Falls

Sign: "Welcome to Historic Downtown Fergus"Fergus is a town in Ontario, Canada, and part of The Township of Centre Wellington. Centre Wellington is part of Wellington County.

Originally Fergus was known as Little Falls, because of the scenic (water) falls downtown, between the Public Library and the Fergus Market. Other names that (parts of) Fergus have been known as include Nichol Township, Aboyne, Garafraxa Township and Pierpoint Settlement.

Centre Wellington was formed through amalgamation of Fergus and Elora with parts of the townships of Nichol, Pilkington, West Garafraxa and Eramosa.

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Pierpoint Settlement

In 1833 Scottish settlers began arriving in this area. The freed slaves formed "Pierpoint Settlement", named after their leader Richard Pierpoint, in Garafraxa Township - around what is now Scotland Street in Fergus.

Later that year Adam Fergusson and James Webster purchased land in Nichol Township, establishing the town of Little Falls. The waterfalls in the Grand River were used as power for local industries, and in 1834-1835 the town took shape further when a hotel, saw mill, grist mill, church and school were built.

The Scotts also built stone houses and industrial buildings, which give the town of Fergus (Ontario, Canada) its characteristic historic look and feel. Many of these old buildings are still around - some are even still occupied by descendants of the original owners.

More on Fergus' History

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You can find many examples of historic real estate in the town of Fergus on the website of the Wellington County Historical Society. You can find out how prominent buildings in Fergus have changed over the years - or not... The Fergus Business Improvement Area (BIA) has a historic walking Tour, allowing you to experience the Scottish heritage. You can imagine being back in Little Falls again....

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Fly Fishing and Water Recreation

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the water in this region. Consider visiting Belwood Lake, the Elora Gorge or Elora Quarry, if you like to swim or recreate on or around the water. Like fly fishing? The Grand River is well-known as a prime location for fly fishing. In 2006 we even hosted the Canadian Fly Fishing Championships! Come and check it out!

More tourism related organizations and businesses in Centre Wellington (Fergus, Elora, Belwood, Salem) can be found in our business directory ("tourism" section).

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