Your Contest On Our Site?

Engage Our Visitors With YOUR Contests

Online contests are a good way to tell people about your business or website. We can create a contest on our site, based on your ideas.

You can ask a number of skill-testing questions, add a word puzzle or do like we did: sprinkle a number of letters (or images) through-out our site.

We can use your images for your contest, or find/create our own. You will be providing the prizes. Perhaps an idea: have another local business sponsor your price in exchange for promoting their business in the contest!

With more than 500,000 page views, is a great platform to raise awareness for your local business or organization with an online contest.

Contact us about the possibilities for your contest ideas.

We do reserve the right to refuse campaigns if we think it does not suit our audience very well.

Contest! Contest had an online contest where website visitors had to find letters on the site. With those letters people had to make a word. We provided our visitors with plenty of clues on where to find all letters, and how to place them in the right order. We even gave a way the first and the last letter!

The response has been overwhelming. We had many good answers. Although there will always be people who do not read all the clues, or even search for all the letters. But without the right letters you cannot make the right word - and without the right word you are not in the draw for the prizes!

Prices were donated by the Cake Ladies of Sweet & Simple. Take a look at our winners and the grand prize!

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