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Fergus-Ontario.com, also known as Ferguspages.com, is a service provided by local Internet consultancy U-C WEBS. U-C WEBS is known for its

- making websites Easy to Find + Easy to Use™. As a Website Optimizer U-C WEBS asks its prospects:

Does your website suck? (...people in)

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Suck... Like a magnet!

Why? Because a website is like a magnet: it can either suck visitors in, or push them away! An Internet consultant from U-C WEBS can help to make your website work better.

FergusWebsites.com - affordable, effective websites by U-C WEBS Fergus Roller Derby - New! Check us out!

Book Publishers require editors to go over even the best of manuscripts. Record Companies force producers upon artists to make their music sell better. Website Design is still the Wild West of the creative arts. U-C WEBS brings business and marketing savvy to your or our web designers. An educated second opinion may be all that is required for a more effective website!

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You can visit U-C WEBS at our locally oriented www.ferguswebsites.com or our corporate website www.u-cwebs.com (or www.ucwebs.com)
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